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With waves of COVID-19 circling back around as people return to work, we have decided to keep everyone safe by hosting the Great Lakes Made Show online.



Safety is our priority so we are bringing you as close as possible to a social gathering without the worry of getting sick in a large social gathering. We have reviewed the data and this is the most effective solution and potentially even more profitable with all of the exciting features available for your live streaming booth. Please visit our Booth Pricing page to review the features available.



Below you can see recent statistics to keep you informed, but please visit government resources for the most accurate and up-to-date statistics.





State / ProvinceTotal ConfirmedTotal Deaths
New York42133632781



Canada Canada
+686 New Confirmed
122040 Total Confirmed
+6 New Deaths
9033 Total Deaths
+2630 New Recovered
108050 Total Recovered
United States of America United States of America
+49536 New Confirmed
5094400 Total Confirmed
+525 New Deaths
163463 Total Deaths
+13891 New Recovered
1670755 Total Recovered



The simple answer is yes, absolutely. Without the overhead of event space, our potential audience reach just improved by 10X by shifting the budget to development and marketing/advertising.



How is that possible?


All of the expenses for the event space, print materials, bookings, insurance, etc. will be focused on marketing and development efforts to the LIVE Online Holiday Market.


We have a targeted Great Lakes Region audience list of over 500,000 and with the fear of COVID-19 circling back, we will be one of the few shows still in action.


We will be retargeting this audience and using our advanced formula that is engineered to bring in a local audience from Facebook, Instagram, Google, Pinterest, and other paid advertising platforms.


The LIVE Online Holiday Market is custom developed which makes it the first-of-its-kind in the Great Lakes Region.



What about me?


You can also shift your budget from travel expenses, insurance, electrical, internet, inventory, and the build of your booth to advertising your exclusive live streaming page that you will get to keep for the rest of the year for your own live streaming events.

There is nothing else out there quite like the Great Lakes Made Show – LIVE Online Holiday Market. Join something unique, just like your Great Lakes Region product/service.


Retail cost is $1400

LIVE Online Holiday Market Discount: $700

Learn more


Retail cost is $700

LIVE Online Holiday Market Discount: $350

Learn more


Retail cost is $350

LIVE Online Holiday Market Discount: $125

Learn more


Retail cost is $125

LIVE Online Holiday Market Discount: $75

Learn more


Retail cost is $115

LIVE Online Holiday Market Discount: $50

Learn more

Free accounts will get you a membership to shop and sell in our online marketplace.



You keep 85% of the sale, but PayPal/Stripe gateway and transaction fees still apply. 10% is given to our affiliates (if applicable) and 5% is paid to Great Lakes Made as a platform service fee. 



On Nov. 28 & 29, the Great Lakes Made Show will take over the online marketplace. The online marketplace will be suppressed to the search results, but still searchable on Google so it will not impact SEO. 



Our paid marketing efforts will be targeted to visiting on Nov. 28 & 29 during the time the Great Lakes Made Show has taken over so you do not want to miss out on thousands of potential customers meeting you and checking out your products for the first time in your live stream.

It’s 100% FREE to attend now. Since this is a first-of-its-kind show, we are looking to achieve record-breaking attendance in an effort to create a new and revolutionary way to sell goods and services. We want to give you the best bang for your buck especially during these times.



If you already paid for tickets, you will receive credit in your Great Lakes Made wallet to spend at the online show or on the marketplace.

Fill out this form to submit your YouTube channel and information for the LIVE Online Holiday Market layout.

I paid full price for my booth…

Traditionally when you pay full price and then the business has a sale, you do not get to come back for a discount any time you want. We decided that under these circumstances we will either upgrade you to the next step up or apply the difference to ad spend for your exclusive Live Streaming page and waive the $50 setup fee to guarantee more traffic to your booth during the show on Nov. 28 & 29.

You will need to visit to set up your channel and request to activate Live Streaming. Watch Tutorial

Preferably you will be at your booth to answer live questions from shoppers and retailers below, but there is the possibility to pre-record your live stream and have it play in a loop. 


Visit OneStream.Live to unlock the capability to pre-record your live stream and play your stream in a loop.

Spread the word about our show by sharing the Great Lakes Made Show – Online Holiday Market:

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Nov. 28 & 29, 2020

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