Create a logo, graphics for your shop, and product posts without leaving Great Lakes Made Market:

The new Etsy integration (Beta) is live! Click on the Etsy tab to Import, export, adjust prices, and sync products with your Etsy shop. Two platforms with one inventory to manage. If you import your Etsy items, you may need to manually refresh your browser after 1-5 minutes depending on the number of products you are importing. We are working to fix this issue.

Share your shop link by creating a link page with our Social Media Bio Link Page Builder


You can add your website and other marketplaces to your bio link page too.





Earn a commission when someone visits your shop and then makes a purchase by creating an affiliate link that directs visitors to your Great Lakes Made Market shop:


Share Your Great Lakes Made Market Shop and Earn Cash






Share Product Links to help each other grow. Use Affiliate Product Links to share your own product listings and other listings you like from Great Lakes Made Market. You’ll earn a commission for any referral that leads to a sale! That’s right, you can even earn a commission for your own listings!


Shorten your product links to make them pretty by using our free link shortening tool on glmlink.com. Make sure you are shortening the Affiliate Product Link rather than the actual link to the product.


Affiliate Product Link example:   https://market.greatlakesmade.com/shop/clothing-shoes/mens/mens-clothing/shirts/mens-tee-shirt/great-lakes-made-vintage-t-shirt/?glm=greatlakesmade


Shortened affiliate product link with glmlink.com https://glmlink.com/awesome-tshirt


Get Paid by Sharing Affiliate Product Links on Great Lakes Made Market

Upgrade to a paid seller membership plan to unlock features that will allow you to keep 100% of the sale, increase upload limits, multiple featured products, and more.  Learn more



The top feature of E-Commerce Premium is External Product listings which enables you to keep 100% of the sale. This allows you to change the “Add to Cart” button link to your Etsy or Website product listing. The only downfall is Great Lakes Made Affiliates won’t advertise your listings because they will not get a commission for external product listings. See below on how to create external listings:

Great Lakes Made E-Commerce Premium External Listings




The top feature of Unlimited Access gives you a button to access a whole new dashboard. This will enable you to create nearly a dozen different product page layouts, add product video links from your Great Lakes Made Show or YouTube to your product gallery, advanced bulk editing/importing, etc.





Scroll down to watch the tutorial or follow the steps below.


Settings > Shipping


You can select Live Rates to automatically calculate rates for your products, Flat Rate, or Free Shipping.


Products > Add New > Shipping


After you have set your shipping preferences up from your Settings > Shipping tab, you will only have to add the size and weight to your product listing for your shipping rates to automatically calculate. You can ignore the other options unless needed. 


Shipping Class Badges


You may add the shipping class to your listing, but it is not required for auto-calculated rates. If you add your product to the Free Shipping class then that product must be listed with Free Shipping. This class will have a special Free Shipping Badge displayed on your product and your product will also be showcased under the Free Shipping filter. 


If you offer an eco-friendly item or ship with eco-friendly packaging then you can list your product with the Eco-Friendly shipping class to have a special badge on your product listing.

Add your listings to your local market by going to Edit Product > Product Categories and search for one of the search terms below. You can add your listing to the location(s) your products are made or designed in.


Search terms:


Illinois Made

Indiana Made

Michigan Made

Minnesota Made

New York Made

Ohio Made

Ontario Made

Pennsylvania Made

Wisconsin Made

Chat directly with shoppers via WhatsApp and get more sales with instant customer support.


Settings > OneClick Chat to Order


  1. Install WhatsApp on your mobile phone and computer by visiting whatsapp.com
  2. Add your WhatsApp number. Make sure to use the international number. USA and Canada are both +1. Your WhatsApp number should be added like this 16164198587 with no + symbol.
  3. Add your call to action “Button Text”. We recommend “Chat with Seller”.
  4. You can leave the remaining fields blank or add your own custom intro text.
  5. Click save, sit back, and enjoy as the inquiries roll in.


Great Lakes Made WhatsApp Shopper Seller Chat



Great Lakes Made Seller Shopper Live Chat

You can import your products from any website or marketplace that offers CSV exports. You may need to rearrange your CSV data to follow this sample format:


Go to CSV Import / Update Sample


The link above includes helpful tips for importing and updating your products for the marketplace and improving your SEO so you can get featured on other sales channels like Google Shopping. The columns marked in “Blue” are required fields to be visible on Great Lakes Made Market. The other fields are for variations, SEO, shipping calculations, upsells, cross-sells, customized listings, and more. You can also save a copy of the file there or download the sample CSV here.


Once you’ve imported your file you can update your inventory later when you have SKUs that can match up with your import.

Common mistakes: You need to import image URLs for your images to successfully import.


CSV Sample Quick View:




Below is a glossary of Great Lakes Made Market CSV import formats. You can also download the CSV Import Format Glossary file here.



Go to CSV Import Format Glossary


Use the Yoast SEO on your product listing and try out our 50+ free SEO tools to improve your listing overall.




Try out the eBay Title Builder to get product title suggestions and tags (hashtag) ideas so your listing can be discovered on the Great Lakes Made Market, more search engine searches, Google Shopping, Instagram Hashtags, etc.


The Great Lakes Made Market is not just a marketplace, but an optimized tool to gain exposure throughout the internet. Our domain authority is already high so your listings will automatically be favored, but you need to make the effort to create quality content so they can organically appear in the right places to the right audiences.


The more effort you put into your listing = the more exposure you’ll get for your business

Request a one-time import for us to import your products from Shopify. You will need to create and send us your Shopify API key. After the import is complete, make sure to delete the API key.


Note: There is a product limit to the import and you may still need to add images before publishing listings.


Request Shopify Import

Adding wholesale pricing to your listing will make your products appear to Wholesale Buyers on the Great Lakes Made Market Wholesale Marketplace.


Wholesale Buyers get access to exclusive payment gateways that allow them to buy now and pay later, pay in installments, or get credit lines up to 36 months. The best part for you is that you will get paid as soon as you mark your order as shipped!

A Group Buy listing is a Groupon-style listing that you can create on Great Lakes Made Market. The listing is designed to attract large audiences to purchase your exclusive deals.

Simple create a product listing as a gift card

Request new product categories to be added to the marketplace. You must tell us where this category should belong and it must be placed under one of these parent categories:


Art & Collectibles

Clothing & Shoes

Home & Living

Jewelry & Accessories

Toys & Entertainment

Wedding & Party


Categories are dynamic meaning they only appear when a product is listed under the category. If a listing is removed then the category will disappear from the Great Lakes Made Market until a new product is listed under the category.


Example of how to request a new category:


I need a new category that appears under Women’s Shoes. Please add it to  Clothing & Shoes > Women’s > Women’s Shoes > My New Category



Request New Category

Request your brand name to be added to the marketplace. You will need your own brand name before you can start listing products in the marketplace.



Having a brand name assigned to your products is important because a brand is required for your Great Lakes Made Market listing to appear on places like Google Shopping, Bing, Amazon, Walmart, and other marketplace integrations. Those aren’t our rules, but they are theirs. Your brand will also be added as a searchable filter in the Great Lakes Made Market.


Request your brand name

Go to Manage Account > Account Settings > Change Username (Note: This is located in your Shopper Dashboard and not your Seller Dashboard.)


After you change your username your account may get set to a shopper account. You can switch back to a seller account by navigating in the same area:


Profile Settings > Profile Info > Check “Seller” > Click “Save Changes”


Change Your Username on Great Lakes Made Market

In some areas where you sign up a username is automatically generated for you, but you need to change this to your brand name. 


For example: I signed up for a new account so my username is 1234567890. I need to change it to my brand name which is greatlakesmade. A username cannot have spaces, but you can have capital letters if you’d prefer it to look like GreatLakesMade.


The key reason for this is that when you publish a product, your products get added to a queue to be automatically featured on social media, affiliate RSS feeds, and other sales channels to promote your product. The announcement will mention that it is sold by “yourusername”.

Just like any other marketplace, you need to factor in commission fees that are paid to affiliates, influencers, and the marketplace. Great Lakes Made gets (at most) 15% of the sale to payout to affiliates, influencers, and for our commission. Commission fees are based on your Seller Membership. You also need to factor in the gateway fee charged by PayPal or Stripe which is 2.9% + .30.


It is also a major incentive to offer Free Shipping to buyers in order to compete with other marketplaces that have made Free Shipping a standard practice. You will also be featured on the “Free Shipping” filter in the shop sidebar and you will get a special badge to help your listing stand out.


You can either absorb the fees with part of your profit margin, increase your prices, or add an average markup to your shipping in Settings > Shipping Settings.


If you have a sale on your listing then your product could be featured as a “Daily Deal” on the homepage. Your listing will also appear on the Deals page that is exclusive to paid Shopper Members.

Mark your products as “Featured” by going to the Products tab in your seller dashboard and click on the star icon () to activate it. This will make it so your product displays at the top of the homepage and the marketplace sidebar. Free memberships only allow one featured product at a time while paid memberships allow you to feature multiple products at once.

Mark your items on sale for a chance to appear on the Daily Deals section of the homepage. 

Your listing doesn’t end on just Great Lakes Made Market. It gets added to a queue to be automatically featured on social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.


If you properly fill out all of the correct information including SEO, then you could appear in multiple sales channels like Google Shopping, ranked high on search engines, collaborative marketplaces, and more.


Great Lakes Made Affiliate & Influencers take your listings and feature them on their blogs, vlogs, websites, events, and other avenues to get eyes on your products while also helping you generate income. In exchange, the affiliates and their teams get a small piece of the action which is up to 10% of the sale.


If you create external product listings then Affiliates and Influencers won’t showcase your products because they won’t earn a commission. Even though keeping 100% of the sale seems ideal, it is worth it to sell on Great Lakes Made to unlock free marketing and advertising opportunities with affiliates.

If you would like to close your seller account but keep your shopper account open, then you can contact support to deactivate your seller account.


If you would like to delete your account completely then you can go to shopper dashboard and navigate to delete account or visit: market.greatlakesmade.com/delete-my-account/

Notice for Sellers with Free Memberships: Listing products with links to your Etsy shop or website in your listing description will result in your products being sent to draft, removed, or account suspension without warning. Upgrade to E-Commerce Premium to keep 100% of the sale.

Notice: If you try to log in to another one of our domains or subdomains, please note that each site currently requires you to sign up for an account. Use social logins for easier site access.

Need to report a problem? Contact support

Need to report a problem? Contact support

Refer your friends to buy and sell on Great Lakes Made Market and get paid. Create or join “Teams” and earn even more cash from team referrals.

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