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Get an overview of what it’s like to sell on Great Lakes Made Market. The online marketplace created for small businesses, makers, and designers in the Great Lakes Region. Explore over a dozen online marketplace integrations including:

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Great Lakes Made stands for small businesses and makers of unique things. This marketplace was created as a collaborative environment for small businesses to target a niche audience of small business shoppers, cut through all the red tape, and reduce the competition that you would face on international marketplaces that are saturated with products in every retail category.

Made is actually an acronym from our original marketplace that launched in 2015, Great Lakes M.A.D.E, which is Great Lakes Maker And Designer Entrepreneurs. You’re welcome to announce that you’re a new seller on Great Lakes Maker and Designer Entrepreneurs, but that might leave you a little winded. Great Lakes Made will do just fine.

If you identify as a maker, small business, crafter, artist, artisan, baker, brand, etc. then you’re welcome to sell in our online marketplace.


  1. You must be from a state or province that is located in the Great Lakes Region. This includes Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Ontario, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.
  2. You must sell new, vintage, or digital products.
  3. Food items are welcome. We have Great Lakes Made Fresh Market on our development roadmap so you will have that option in the future.

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